NCT Shakespeare Monologue Competition


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Playwright William Shakespeare
Playwright William Shakespeare

National Children’s Theatre invites all students from grades 5 – 12 or an equivalent (for home school students) to enrol for the SACEE (South African Council for English Education) Shakespeare Monologue Competition to be held on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

Shakespeare Monologue Competition

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Date: 9 May 2017Time: 18:30 for 19h00
Venue: National Children’s Theatre, 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Please contact Cindy on 011 484 1584 or or

Each student is required to memorise and perform a monologue or monologue selection from Shakespeare’s plays.

The monologues must be selected from one of Shakespeare’s 38 plays.

NOTE: Students can pick any role regardless of their gender (i.e. females can play male roles and vice versa).

Up to THREE monologues may be performed (no more than 5 minutes) The Folger text is available for free at

NOTE: Editing of the text (i.e. cutting of lines) is allowed, but make sure the piece still makes logical sense.

NCT Shakespeare Monologue Competition
NCT Shakespeare Monologue Competition

All competitors must adhere to the following rules:

  • Each student must select, memorize and perform one, two or three monologues from Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Students’ order of performance will be determined by lot.
  • Students should introduce themselves only by name.
  • Students should identify their selection before they begin their presentation.
  • Students cannot wear costume or use props of any kind (including chairs, jewelry, items of clothing and hair clips).
  • Students are expected to memorize their pieces. However, if necessary, prompting is allowed. If students require prompting, they must say “Line.”



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