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Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Noem My Skollie” is one of the most impressive, fearless and relevant Afrikaans films since Jans Rautenbach joined the industry in the sixties.

“It tells the true story of a boy who ends up in prison, what happens to him and the effort he puts into rehabilitating himself. The film challenges your endurance as it confronts you with what actually happens in prison without sugar-coating it. It is admirable that someone had the guts to tell it as it is.” – Leon van Nierop.

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Director, Daryne Joshua’s, Oscar nominated debut motion picture, Noem My Skollie, has conquered the hearts and imagination of audiences from all walks of life. This movie will soon be released on DStv BoxOffice and DVD and is a welcome addition to any South African movie enthusiast’s film collection.

This gripping drama tells the story of a young man (Dann-Jacques Mouton) in 1960’s Cape Town, who ends up in jail and uses his gift for storytelling to barter his status with the prison gangs. Upon his release from prison, he is roped into a murder trial and faces the hangman’s noose alongside his childhood friends.

It is based on the life of scriptwriter, John W. Fredericks, who is now 70 years old. This is a heartfelt tale of redemption that sends the audience on an action packed rollercoaster with a massive emotional impact. It is a film that delves, with great authenticity, into the culture of the coloured people of the Western Cape, but it is also something for all South Africans to enjoy regardless of colour, creed or language.

“The film pays homage to the power of Story, as the protagonist uses storytelling as a way to escape his dangerous circumstances. In many ways, storytelling saves his life. This resonates personally because it is that same craft that paved my own escape from the Cape Flats, a severely crime infested and impoverished side of Cape Town. I was not telling someone else’s story, but I was telling my own and I needed it to be heard,” says Joshua.

Noem My Skollie delivers on the themes of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, acceptance, the desire for a better life, hope and love. The movie title plays on the old adage that one should not judge a book by its cover and promotes the view that everyone has a calling even if that calling comes at a price.

To date the film, which remained on circuit for 13 weeks, has been seen by more than 75 000 people across the country and received incredible reviews and ratings from movie critics since its release in September 2016. It is also South Africa’s official entry to the Foreign Language Category of the 2017 Academy Awards and has been accepted into the Awards Buzz Category of the 2017 Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

“I dreamed the impossible dream. Deep inside my heart I knew that Skollie is going to make an impact! When I was 70 years old, I was blessed with a replica of an Oscar which takes centre stage on my desk. I manifested this!”, shares scriptwriter John W. Fredericks. Producer Moshidi Motshegwa adds: “The greatest affirmation an artist can get is from their own tribe. We are ecstatic to have this affirmation!”

The film, with music composed by internationally renowned musician Kyle Shepherd, was filmed with great attention to detail and includes convincing performances by a host of celebrated South African actors and newcomers, including Gantane Kusch, Tarryn Wyngaard, Christian Bennett, Gershwin Mias, Oscar Peterson, Abdu Adams, Peter Butler, Charlton George, Jill Levenberg, Denise Newman, Sandi Schultz, André Roothman, Paul du Toit, Irshaad Ally, Austion Rose, Ethan Patton, Joshua Vraagom, Valentino de Klerk, as well as a stellar performance by David Manuel, who plays the jail-boss and who was still serving his parole whilst the film was being made.

“If you took films like Shawshank Redemption, Tsotsi and City of God and rolled them into one movie that would best describe Noem My Skollie in terms of the cinematic quality and great night out”, says producer David Max Brown.

Noem My Skollie is a true big-screen cinematic experience that will keep viewers spellbound in a world that has never before been depicted in such an authentic way. The film will resonate with all South African audiences, but particularly those who are able to confront the violent reality of the world of the story and are willing to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

This critically acclaimed gem will be available for rental (selected video shops and DStv BoxOffice) from 30 November 2016 and will go on sale online (Takealot, Raru, Loot) and at selected Musica, Checkers, CNA, PnP Hyper and Makro outlets from 2 December 2016. The DVD also includes a bonus 24-minute collection of, never seen before, deleted scenes with commentary from the director and editor. The film was produced by Maxi-D Productions, in association with M-Net, kykNET, the NFVF and the DTI, and is distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment.


“If you like gritty, amazingly thought provoking films, then you will like this.” – Alex Isaacs, Channel 24

“It is gripping, slick and well made”. – Adrian Roets, The Citizen

“If ‘Tsotsi’ won the Academy Award for best foreign film (2006), then this film stands unreservedly head and shoulders above it. A true story absolutely brilliantly told and brilliantly cast.”- Aden Thomas, HEART FM

“The film is as much the tale of one man’s determination to steer clear of gangs as it is about the power of stories.”- Theresa Smith, The Star Tonight

“The film combines a hint of the film, ‘Boyz n the Hood’, a little bit of ‘City of God’ and a drop of ‘Midnight Express’. It will take you to dark places, but when the doors of the prison open at the end, you will feel the sunlight on your skin. This is ours, in glorious Afrikaans.” – Herman Lategan, journalist


“Breathtakingly honest, unsettling and brilliant.” – Marc Lottering

“#NoemMySkollie was just splendid! The writing was hypnotic, a mixture of poetry, folktale and ‘skollie taal’! Faultlessly and expertly executed!” – Alfred Moraka

“I couldn’t get up after the film ended. I cried and cried until the usher came to ask us to leave.” – Khadija Tracey Heeger

“Raw and honest storytelling at its best!” – Monique Mannel Daniels

“Wow! Just wowed out of my seat…” – Shameema Parker

“One moment I was laughing, the next I was crying…” – Wendy de Villiers

“A brilliant movie. A total masterpiece.” – Ganief Adams

“I drove 600km’s to see the show and am glad I did. It tugged me in my heart, caught me in the gut. It reminded me that we all have a story to tell. Loved, loved the movie!” – Rooksana Coovadia

“The director guided his actors to such believable performances that captures the essence and soul of the, often misunderstood, Cape Flats.” – Christo Davids

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