Phillip Dikotla stages his Big Benefactor Show


Phillip Dikotla is paving the way for the next generation of young actors by presenting three fundraising performances of his new comedy, The Big Show: Road to Stardom at the Market Theatre Laboratory. Phillip, an alumnus of the Market Theatre Laboratory, will create a bursary fund for students at the Laboratory with the money raised through ticket sales for this production.

Phillip Dikotla in Skierlik.
Phillip Dikotla in Skierlik.

Phillip is a multi-award winning, multi-talented actor, writer, director and stand-up comedy artist. He is best known for Skierlik, a one-man show that he wrote and performed which won the Olive Schreiner Award for Theatre, an Encore Ovation Award, and a Fleur de Cap for Best Performance in a Revue, Musical or One Person Show.

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“The Market Theatre Laboratory is very excited to be partnering with Phillip for this bursary fundraiser’, says Education Officer, Clara Vaughan. “It is wonderful to see graduates use the skills they learnt at the Lab to help current students. We are privileged to have alumni who are so invested in the education and success of every class. The opportunities this offers our students, in the form of bursaries, mentorships, support and advice, is priceless.”

As the educational arm of the world-famous Market Theatre, the Laboratory aims to help its students develop the knowledge, skills and experience to build income-generating, sustainable careers as actors and theatre-makers, and thus to break the cycle of poverty which threatens to define their futures.

Phillip Dikotla in Skierlik.
Phillip Dikotla in Skierlik.

The Big Show: Road to Stardom, directed by MoMo Matsunyane, crosses the line between stand-up and performance/sketch comedy. A young comedian is trying desperately to make his dream of having his own TV show come true – and in the process, says whatever he thinks about everything and anything, with no limits. The show draws on late night television tropes to cover a wide range of topics – from growing up on planet earth without land, to cute monkeys in Durban. It’s a punchline after punchline rib-cracking comedy!

Phillip explains why he decided to create a bursary fund for students at the Market Theatre Laboratory: “I know their situation, I know what it’s like to be so close to making your dreams come true… and your only obstacle is money. I want to contribute, somehow, to someone having the privilege of a tuition-free education.”

Tickets for Road To Stardom are available via the Market Theatre website or Pick ’n Pay stores all over Gauteng. The Market Lab will host three performances, on 31 March and 1 April at 20:00, and 2 April at 15:00.

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