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Rona van Blerk, a passionate brunette with powerful vocals, has released her debut single, Veilig.

Rona van Blerk - Veilig
Rona van Blerk – Veilig

Veilig is an acoustic pop track, written by the artist herself, about people’s need to feel safe in a world filled with obstacles. The song complements the newcomer’s soothing sound perfectly and will resonate with audiences of all ages. “I have learned from personal experience that you are not as safe as you might think. In today’s day and age we need people to be honest and sincere and I wanted my song to touch listeners’ hearts, without being too serious. Based on my own experience, it is quite liberating to be able to sing about the things that make us feel unsafe… and then finding comfort in the fact that other people are able to relate to what you are feeling,” she shares. “Every single person wants emotional security, but it is not something that we experience all the time, not even in relationships. Luckily we can look forward to a ‘one day’ in which we will be safe without feeling the need to escape from reality.”

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A music video of the song, created by Lourens Luyt, was filmed on location in the woodland plantations around Piet Retief and also includes video footage of childhood memories. “I grew up in Piet Retief and we had lots of fun in the plantations. I also felt very safe between all of those big trees. My dad used to make the most beautiful family videos of me and my sisters, and it made sense to include some of the footage in my music video,” the singer says.


Rona grew up with music. Her parents were both members of the Free State University Choir and her dad, who is a pastor, is also a gospel singer. Her passion for singing ignited one day in church, after being called to the front by Jenny van Zyl to sing for the congregation. She took part in many competitions and concerts during her school years, but only started pursuing music seriously after joining Huis Soetdoring’s Sêr group – with Altus Moolman as her mentor – at University, who did extremely well.

Over the past few years, she has had many live performances, including the Grey College Music Festival where she shared the stage with Elvis Blue as a stand-in for Andriëtte Norman. The singer has a degree in Drama and Theatre, as well as a National Teaching Diploma, and definitely wants to try her hand at acting one day. Rona enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, but lists Karen Zoid and Laurika Rauch as her biggest inspiration. She would also love to work with musicians like Steve Hofmeyr, Jo Black, Riana Nel, Spoegwolf and Joshua na die Reën.

When asked about her plans for the future, she says: “I am already working on new material but I am always waiting for the right inspiration to come my way. Each song must be born… and I am very careful not to become overwhelmed by commercial trends.” In the meantime, she works as a part-time teacher in her hometown.

The industry has taught Rona that is important to establish your own sound and style. Veilig is the perfect combination of heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies and not only showcases her unique vocal ability, but also invites fans to sing along. Just like the character in the movie, August Rush, she also believes in the power of music like others believe in fairy tales. If her debut single is any indication of what she has to offer, her own fairy tale might just come true!

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