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SA State Theatre Incubator ProgrammeThe South African State Theatre in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture presents the Incubator Programme for young artists. An artistic programme designed in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial artists through an array of business and technical support and service. This programme’s main goal is to produce successful incubatees that will leave the programme financially viable and freestanding.

It all began with the realisation of struggles, hardships the entrepreneurial artist undergo to get their careers off the ground in a hostile economy. It was then a programme that would change the lives our young people incepted to transform the arts sector through equipping citizens, especially the youth, with theoretical and experiential knowledge development for introduction in the industry.

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The SAST’s incubator programme, funded by the Arts and Culture Incubator Fund covers productions of music film, music, theatre and dance. The incubator takes an artist through a professional development journey that will expose the artist in personal development, assist in content creation, provide production, tools and create opportunities for the artist when they exit the programme.

This year we will see launch of the Incubator Programme kick start its performances from 26 October 2016, with a play called Turning Tables. The programme will run till to 18 March 2017. In this six months, entrepreneurial artists will showcase their work as part of their graduation in the programme. This is a mix of artistic genres ranging from music, drama to poetry. On October 26 a special opening ceremony with prominent, esteemed industry players will be hosted at SAST to give the programme’s performances a green light.

The South African State Theatre is a national flagship that facilitates the arts and entertainment and encourages diverse cultural provision; we seek to play a unique and vital role in the cultural life of the Nation.

The programme is available as a PDF Document here: Incubator Programme


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