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The all-girl rock band, Saarkie, just released their brand-new music video, Vir Altyd. South Africa’s favourite all-girl rock band, Saarkie, just released their new music video, Vir Altyd, from their coming album, Queen van die Toorbos.

Vir Altyd stays true to the energetic electric acoustic sound which made them famous and can be described as a combination of modern Pop and Rock. The song was written by Adèle Fouché and Mjön van Blommestein and represents the good space in which the Saarkies currently find themselves. The song tells the story of someone who wants to share his or her dreams with the ideal person … forever. The music video was produced by Girl with Hat and includes footage that was collected from all over the country.

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SAARKIE - Adele, Lila and Erika
SAARKIE – Adele, Lila and Erika

Saarkie consists of three beautiful, talented musicians. Adèle Fouché is lead singer, songwriter and plays the guitar and harmonica. Lila Botha is the group’s drummer and does backing vocals. Erika Pretorius is the newest addition to the Saarkies and joined the group in 2016. She plays bass guitar, keyboard and does backing vocals.

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