Shakespearean play wins Clover Show of Year


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Clover Showtime 2017
Clover Showtime 2017

Bob Eveleigh writes:
For the second successive year, Port Elizabeth’s Clover Showtime Show of the Year Trophy was presented to a play, The Tempest.

Clover’s Senior National Promotions Officer, Milly Kemp, handed over the sparkling red, white and blue beribboned silver cup to PE Shakespearean Festival President, Rocky Mann, and the play’s director, Helen Flax, on the Little Theatre stage on Friday evening.

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The second major long-standing trophy from the awards promotion’s naming sponsors, the Clover Bowl, for Special Achievement in Theatre, went to PE Gilbert & Sullivan Society President, Rose Cowpar, for her monthly compilation and production of the e-mail publication, PE Theatre News. This was the second win by Cowpar of this award.

The full list of winners in the Clover Showtime 2017 Awards:


Clover Hall of Fame Inductees:
Yolande Farrow, Helen Flax, Candice Johnstone.

Show of the Year:
PE Shakespearean Festival, The Tempest.

Special Theatrical Achievement:
Rose Cowpar, compiling and publishing PE Theatre News.

Theatre Innovation:
Helen Flax, sex-switching roles in her production of The Tempest.

Play of the Year:
PE Shakespearean Festival, The Tempest.

Best Director, Play:
Helen Flax, The Tempest.

Best Director, Musical:
Yolande and Mark Farrow, Puss in Boots.

Best Actor, Play:
Mark Farrow, as Robert in Proof.

Best Actress, Play:
Lesley Barnard, as Prospera in The Tempest.

Best Actress, Musical:
Jenna Deysel, as Meredith in Bat Boy.

Best Actor, Musical:
Leslie Speyers as the dame, Queen Wendolina, in Puss in Boots.

Comedy Performance:
Leslie Speyers, Puss in Boots.

Technical Excellence:
Lance Bright, Matk Farrow, Brendon van Niekerk, Tony Hibberd, set for Proof.

Best Contribution to Theatre Music:
Wayne Hughes, Clover Showtime 2016.

Best Supporting Actor, Play:
Tim Collier, body of work: The Tempest and Proof.

Best Supporting Actor, Musical:
Sikho Gaika, Puss in Boots.

Best Supporting Actress, Play:
Caren Bestbier, Careful.

Best Supporting Actress:
Sarah Morton, Bat Boy.

Best Debut:
Jointly: Jamie-Lee Reynolds (director) and Amy Huntly (star), Proof.

Best Junior in Adult Theatre:
Reinhardt Malherbe, Bat Boy.

Best Cameo:
Khuselo Gqiba, Bat Boy.

Best Theatrical Ensemble:
The Slaves of Silence Cast: Anneke Groenewald, Emily Bradley, Aarti Noratam, Daniele-Amore Koning, Elvida Baatjies, Jenna Deysel and Nwabisa Hina.

Best Show Routine:
We Both Reached for the Gun, in Ticket to Broadway, led by Chelsi-Kay Henry and Glen McIlroy, staged by Rode Cowpar and Tilette Roelofse.

Best Vocal Direction:
Wayne Hughes, Clover Showtime 2016.

Best Female Singer:
Liske Potgieter, A Night at the Opera 2.

Best Male Singer:
Khuselo Gqiba, various G&S concert presentations.

Theatre Creativity:
Marlene Pieterse, creating Slaves of Silence.

The third of the “Big Three” Awards – the Mann Family’s Trophy for Innovation in Theatre – went to Helen Flax, for switching numerous characters in her production of The Tempest from the usual males to females, including Prospera, the leading character, for which Lesley Barnard won the Best Actress in a Play accolade.

In a most successful theatrical recognition evening Helen Flax, along with Pemads Chairperson Yolande Farrow, and PE dance legend, Candice Johnstone, were inducted into the Clover Showtime Theatre Hall of Fame.

Several PE thespians won double awards, including Leslie Speyers (Best Comedy Portrayal and Best Actor in a Musical, as the dame in Puss in Boots), Sikho Gaika (as Best Supporting Actor in a musical and the seldom presented Best Animal Portrayal, as Puss) and G&S’s Khuselo Gqiba, as Best Male Singer for several appearances in concert presentations and Best Cameo, as the Reverend Hightower in Pansa’s Bat Boy.

Port Elizabeth-based South Africa’s “Mr Entertainment”, Ian von Memerty, claimed three Professional Clover Showtime Awards for creativity, performance (Best Actor) and Professional Show of the Year for his latest hit production, Keyboard Killers, in the annual theatre awards ceremony which took place as part of the performance of the Clover Showtime 2017 Revue, A Grand Night for Singing, in the theatre on Friday.

The full list of winners in the Clover Showtime 2017 Awards:

Show of the Year:
Keyboard Killers.

Best Director:
Marlene Pieterse, Slaves of Silence.

Ian von Memerty, creating Keyboard Killers.

Best Actress:
Niqui Cloete-Barrass, As the Koekie Crumbles.

Best Actor:
Ian von Memerty, Keyboard Killers.

Best Contribution to Theatre Music:
Richard Campbell, body of work, Bat Boy, G&S concerts, Puss in Boots.

Best Contribution to Theatre Dance:
Candice Johnstone, Bat Boy.

Best Cabaret:
Annaline Stiglingh and Niqui Barrass, Defying Gravity.

Clover Showtime 2017

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