Silas Miami is not so hard to love

Silas Miami
Silas Miami

Born and raised in Kenya, multi-talented Silas Miami has recently hit the South African art scene with no end in sight. As a performing artist, photographer, filmmaker and musician, Miami has progressed into embracing aspects of art that he finds captivating, moving and expressive. He has built a growing fan base in Kenya and is working on spreading his wings into the rest of Africa. He describes his music as eclectic and experimental as he mashes together several soulful genres.

Silas Miami
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Adding to the success of hosting four fully sold out shows and numerous successful singles, Miami this March released his latest single titled “Hard to Love”. When asked about what inspired him to write the song he simply replied: “I’m not the easiest person to love…” A lifetime of hard work has etched itself into Miami meaning that he reserves his romance for his scripts and songs. He describes previous relationships as being with people who have tried to ‘save’ and ‘fix’ him, which has never worked. Hence the motivation to write “Hard to Love”. He describes the song as being “a tangible result of some kind of self-reflection.”

Silas Miami
Silas Miami

Miami has extensive experience performing on global platforms and has been touted as having an electric energy on stage. He writes his music in both English and Swahili; making it relatable on many levels. Past releases include “Years Ago” and “Give a Little Love”; both of which were well-received by Kenyan and South African media alike. The most recent release – “Hard to Love” – will be showcased together with other new singles in an EP estimated to be released in late 2017.

Over the past three years, Miami has also managed to successfully establish himself as a regular fixture on the Cape Town artistic landscape, largely due to the support he has received from his South African networks. He has had four sold-out music showcases, recorded and released several singles with visual accompaniments featuring and made entirely by people of colour. Not to mention, he has facilitated the opening of a gallery in Johannesburg (AGOG) by being their first multi-medium, fine-art photographic exhibition, has helped maintain Blackdog Studios’ reputation as a space for young creators to experiment with photography, and has taken his music to festivals such as Harare International Festival of The Arts and the Arniston Weekender Festival

Despite only having recently delved into filmmaking, Miami has shown great promise as a notable filmmaker and is currently attending an honours programme at the University of Cape Town. Over the past three years, the multi-talented artist has been evolving and fine-tuning the way in which he tells personal stories through motion picture; leaving compelling and touching stories in his wake. He is motivated by the frailty of the human condition, the troubling commodification of humanity and the translation of social constructs into art.

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