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The talented singer, songwriter and fellow worship leader of the group, Duis:Lig, Stella, released her first single and music video, Nuwe Môre, in April last year. It was extremely well received by radio stations and television channels nationwide.
Stella - Nuwe More
Stella – Nuwe More

Her second single, Deur Die Liefde En Die Seer, will be released on 10 March and will be followed by the release of her debut album, Nuwe Môre, on 28 April 2017. The album will be available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music and MiTracks.

About Deur Die Liefde En Die Seer, Stella says: “This song is for all the couples that go through difficult times in their relationships. Relationships and marriage are not always easy. It is so easy to lose perspective and completely forget why you initially fell in love. It is important to have an anchor, especially during difficult times! My husband and I also went through challenging times in our marriage, but I specifically wrote this song when a couple of our friends went through troubled times in their marriages at the same time. I hope that everyone who can identify with this song, whilst listening to it, will be inspired to break down barriers and try again.”

Track listing:

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  1. Deur Die Liefde En Die Seer (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  2. Die Berge Blou (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  3. Nuwe Môre (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  4. Dagbreek (Stella)
  5. Hoop In Liefde (Stella)
  6. Limbo (Stella)
  7. Onthou Jy Nog (Stella)
  8. Carry You (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  9. Wonderwerk (Stella)
  10. Suid-Afrika (Stella, Rixi Roman, Jake Odendaal)
  11. Uit Die Mond Van ’n Boom (Stella)
  12. Words (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
Stella is no newcomer to the music scene. Duis:Lig received the 2015 Ghoema Award for Best Gospel Album and was also nominated for three Tempo Awards and two SAMA Awards. They also just received another Ghoema nomination for Best Gospel Album. The Ghoema Awards will take place on 23 April 2017.
She started exploring a different side of her musical passion with Jake Odendaal, multiple SAMA-nominated producer and sound engineer. He’s been working with artists like Joe Niemand, John Ellis (Tree63), Elvis Blue and Joe Foster for the past 15 years. The result is her debut album, Nuwe Môre, with 12 new tracks written by Stella.

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Stella is very excited about the release of Nuwe Môre. “It is a collaboration of songs that I wrote over the past five years. A lot of heart went into the songs and production. People can expect something fresh. The lyrics are inspired by real life and tell a story. I believe that each and every person will find something on this album that they can identify with. From your love for nature to thinking back to your childhood days. How you remember love, hardship and pain and look forward to the dawn of a new day. I hope it will inspire people to see the beauty in life!” she says.

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