Sun-Xa Experiment band return to Cape Town this weekend


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Artsvark Presser

After their successful tour in February 2019, Sun-Xa Experiment band return to Cape Town this weekend for two performances on the 2nd of November 2019, with performances at Endless daze festival and at Camel Rock.

Sun Xa Experiment is an ancestral spiritual avant-garde out the box group hailing from Soweto and Lamontvile South Africa born in 2014. A 7 piece live music band that caters a spiritual Ancestral sound that tells of stories of who we are as the global community without race colour or nation. With their music written in IsiZulu, Sesotho and English their presence on stage is felt through their performance that leaves you in healing mode.

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What they give to people during their performances is not only music but also part of it is a spiritual journey into self-discovery, more is connecting with your ancestors, reminder of who you are and where you are from as a human being. Their sound which they see as medicinal “Umculo Umuthi” is a 6 track journey through an hour set. Sun Xa Experiment gives a consultation performance which is a sound you do not want to miss.

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