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Disney's The Lion KingThe next stage in the casting cycle for the international tour of The Lion King is the casting of character performers.
ATTENTION: agents, managements and performers:

Johannesburg: Tuesday, 9 May 2017
Venue: The Market Theatre Laboratory
Address: 56 Margaret Mcingana Street, Newtown, Johannesburg 2001

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Durban: Friday, 12 May 2017
Venue: The Playhouse Company in Mayville
Address: 78 Ramsay Avenue, Mayville, Durban 4091

Cape Town: Monday, 15 May 2017
Venue: Theatre Arts Admin Collective
Address: Corner Milton Road & Wesley Street, Observatory 7925

Please note that time slots have been allocated for each day:
09:00 to 11:00
11:00 to 13:00
14:00 to 16:00

When you submit the auditionee you must advise which time-slot is preferable. These slots will be allocated subject to availability according to early responses.


We are seeking strong male and female singers who move very well – late teens to mid-40’s. Please prepare a brief standard R&B/Gospel song that shows off voice and range unless character singer is notated in breakdown below, in which case, prepare something appropriate for that character. Bring sheet music, pianist provided. Please do not sing music from The Lion King.

Bring picture and resume stapled together.


CHARACTER ROLES – PLEASE – read this carefully and submit accordingly.
As mentioned – we are looking for quality actors and singers regardless of race and ethnicity. Talent and ability will decide the casting.

SCAR: To play a male lion in his mid-30’s – mid-40’s. Mufasa’s brother and Simba’s uncle. Evil and maniacal but still capable of humour and high style. Scar will do anything to be the King of the Pridelands. This role requires an exceptional actor (Classical training is helpful) who is also a character singer.

MUFASA: To play a strong, masculine male lion in his mid-30’s – mid-40’s. The King of the African Pridelands. Regal, omnipotent and powerful. Must have a physical strength and have an excellent, rich baritone voice.

RAFIKI: To play female in her late 20’s – mid-40’s. A soulful, but comedic, African female baboon. Sings “The Circle of Life”. Must possess an excellent, rich unique South African style belt voice.

ADULT SIMBA: To play male in his late teens – early 30’s. Male actor/singer to play the African lion, Simba. This actor must have sex appeal, charm and an urban sensibility as well as a strong pop/rock singing voice. Should be a high baritone and able to sing to an “A”. Must be in excellent physical condition and dance and/or move very well. Should be 5’8” – 6’2”.

ADULT NALA: To play female in her late teens – late 20’s. Female actor/singer to play Nala, a very attractive African lion with sex appeal and charm. Should have excellent pop belt to an “E.” Must be in excellent physical shape and have great strength and presence. Must dance/and or move well.

TIMON: To play male in his late 20’s – mid-40’s. A meerkat. Wise cracking, New York urban comic character actor. Stand-up comedy experience is a plus. No taller than 5’8”. Character singer. Actor must move well and be comfortable operating a puppet.

PUMBAA: To play male in his late 20’s – mid-40’s. Timon’s sidekick. Not so bright but loveable warthog. Should also have strong comedic skills. Somewhat larger frame or body type is preferred. Character singer. A gravelly distinctive voice is good.

ZAZU: To play male in his early 30’s – mid-40’s. A parrot-like bird (or a hornbill). A proper and somewhat befuddled, English butler with a cynical outlook on life but completely dedicated to the king, Actor must possess strong comedic skills. Character singer. This actor must be comfortable operating a puppet.

SHENZI (Female), BANZAI (Male) and ED (Male): To play in their late 20’s – early 40’s. Funny, maniacal hyenas. Street smart and urban. Must have strong rock and roll singing voices. Actors must move well and be comfortable operating puppets. Ed will also cover Timon and Zazu.

  1. Rehearsals begin January 2018 in Manila.
  2. While the international tour is confirmed for almost 3 years, the initial contract will be for 1 year – with options to extend.

The above auditions are being conducted by DUMA NDLOVU and his fabulous team.

  • Please e-mail your CV submissions and time slot preferences to:
  • Call Nondumiso Khumalo on 073 700 8654 if you have any queries.


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