Celebrating 40 Years of Story Telling


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The Market Theatre is celebrating its 40 years of storytelling from 1976 to 2016 with a special limited edition coffee table book.

Market Theatre circa 1913
Market Theatre building circa 1913

The publication captures the life and times of this historical institution and the ground-breaking productions that have shaped South African theatre during South Africa’s most tumultuous times when racial division was imposed by the apartheid regime.

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Nationally and internationally celebrated for its bravery by staging theatrical works that spoke against apartheid, the Market Theatre spearheaded a movement of artists that dared to voice their opinions and to create a brand of South African theatre that was recognised for its authenticity, passion and excellence.

Market Theatre 40 Years of Story Telling
Market Theatre 40 Years of Story Telling

International sanctions and the international cultural boycott against South Africa forced South African theatre makers to draw on their own resources, and the artists at the Market Theatre did so with huge creativity and singular success.

What better way to encapsulate the rich history of the Market Theatre than with a special edition book looking at its history and the reflections of the players at the heart of this glorious movement!

During this anniversary year, the Market Theatre anchored and curated its programme around the theme of 40 Years of Story Telling, to celebrate its iconic legacy and to envision its future. This publication offers inspiration about the power of theatre as a change agent and a nation-builder. The publication is made possible through a partnership with Creative Feel and Desklink.

Market Theatre
Market Theatre

“To put together the Market Theatre ’40 Years of Storytelling, 1976 -2016’ book was a real labour of love for everyone involved. Our team here at Creative Feel, from the researchers, writers, designers, editors to the photographers, all gave their very best, because the Market Theatre is a special place. Whomever we approached to tell us their story, to share their memory, responded full of enthusiasm and we received wonderful stories about THEIR Market Theatre. Right from the moment when the Market Theatre Foundation approached us, we knew we had to collect these stories and preserve them for the future; they are too unique to be forgotten.” said Lore Watterson the Chief Editor of Creative Feel Magazine.

Ismail Mahomed, CEO of the Market Theatre said: “For four decades the Market Theatre has been the architecture of our social consciousness. Since its founding it has never lost sight of being at the centre of telling stories that can transform us into a society that is more humane and compassionate. I am honoured to be at the Market Theatre at a time when through this publication we can honour the artists, audiences, sponsors and the staff — from the humble cleaner to the executive members of past and present Councils — who have endowed South Africa with one of its richest legacies”

The book will be sold at the Market Theatre Front of House for a charitable price of R200. All proceeds will be used for a bursary fund to support the 2017 incoming students at the Market Theatre Laboratory. This is another way that the Market Theatre is continuing to contribute to the future stars of this country.

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