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The R99 Show PosterThe R99 Show is a case study in what can be possible in the entertainment landscape in South Africa – launching at Emperors Palace on Saturday, January 27.


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Why The R99 show and What is The R99 Show


Jason Goliath
Multiple award-winning comedian has a personality that cannot fit into any one smaller. His comedy is energetically funny, and Jason will make you deal with the reality that your life has many more uncomfortable moments than you think. His comedy has been put to great use and because of it he is now a household name when it comes to Celebrity Comedian.

Trevor Gumbi
A long-time contributor to TV, movies and comedy in South Africa, Trevor has a loveable, chaotic and edgy energy that translates into pure comedic genius. His truths about life and emotion and how it relates to every one of us is what extracts the laughter from every audience he is in front of. He has a loyal fan base and his comedy is the celebrity in this relationship.

Dave Levinsohn
A veteran on SA Stand-up Comedy, Dave’s ability to find funny in absolutely everything has been his calling card for audiences the world over. This gives him the added distinction of being a host comedian that doesn’t read from the script – his improvisational comedy on stage in second to none, and as a travelling comedian he has the know-how and experience to engage any audience at any time with devastatingly funny results.

Gilli Apter
Involved in film and TV for more than 7 years Gilli takes her scriptwriting experience and blends it with her comfortable and sincere onstage presence to deliver a power punch of comedy. Audiences want laughs and Gilli delivers it in spades! Her name Gilli also means joy. How very appropriate.

Alchemy Band:
Will be our musical guest band for this show. They will be playing music intermittently during the show and will kick off the after party with great cover songs and jingles. Alchemy Band members are made up of a cross section of some of SA’s more well-known rock bands.

The cost of a great night out to watch live entertainment with friends can be expensive. The choices in terms of comedy and variety shows are remaining similar with line-ups, formats and pricing that reflects this samey samey notion.

The R99 Show is a case study in what can be possible in the entertainment landscape in South Africa.

Too often shows of this quality and size are prohibitively expensive, and fall under the category of just-for-profit entertainment. There is a better way. The R99 Show will deliver a quality variety show with more diverse line-ups, more entertainment value, and more value propositions at the show itself. A more unique live show format, The R99 Show will showcase an ever-changing line-up of quality live comedy, musical guests, and a chat show element to start the show and an after party to end the evening! All for just R99.

Where and When is The R99 Show.

Emperors Palace is an entertainment venue that always moves with the times and their partnership with us is crucial to make The R99 Show possible and ultimately as successful as we envisage it to be. Their contribution to this concept has been enormous. The venue where the inaugural R99 Show will be held is the newly built and wonderfully dynamic Red Roman Shed. The show will take place on Saturday 27 January 2018 at 7pm. Doors will open from 6pm so that you can enjoy the additional food and drinks market that will include craft beer, wine, champagne, gin bars and food trucks. Great quality food and drink with great value prices too.

Ticketing and How:

Ticketing partner NuTickets are making sure that your tickets can be purchased online only from or

All tickets are R99. No Ts and Cs.

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