These are not my shoes by Mxolisi Masilela


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These are not my shoes
These are not my shoes

Joburg Theatre in association with Mahuma Group presents TX Theatre Production of “These are not my shoes” written and directed by Mxolisi Masilela.

Fatherless man, boys growing without knowing what happened to their father. Anger, sadness and greed is what grows them. Dead woman walking with the hope that one day he will come back and she will be alive again.

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Broken hearts with broken trust, confession is our daily bread. I won’t be my father, yet I conduct myself just like him.


Performance dates and times:

  • 23 February at 19:30
  • 24 February at 15:00
  • 25 February at 15:00

Price: R80.00

Five girls left with broken hearts, arresting their own hopes close to their hearts, just like my mother protecting that ring with her life, hoping that he will come back. Now her midnight tears have changed the darkness into midnight sunshine. Her agony has raised us: “He looks exactly like his father.”

Exactly like my father with broken trust and seven girls clinging on me, hoping for love yet my heart is longing for him! His footsteps are shouting my name, I am going leave them just like he did. I am a fatherless man, I do not have a position in my own home. I am just fucked up like the rest of them.

Creating more fatherless men, with inherited anger, not knowing where it comes from. He was never there, you are not there, and he will not be there, it is a cycle. Women hearts are broken. Our pains have turned to violence. Speaking is not in men: “Men don’t cry.”

He planted seeds and never came back to see the plants grow, now the fruit is rotten.

Who should eat it?

Women are victims!

I am just a fatherless man, trying to father myself!


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