Tiny the Tokoloshe, a new children’s play


Robyn Sassen

A freelance arts writer since 1998, I fell in love with the theatre as a toddler, proved rubbish as a ballerina: my starring role was as Mrs Pussy in Noddy as a seven-year-old, and earned my stripes as an academic in Fine Arts and Art History, in subsequent years. I write for a range of online and print publications, including the Sunday Times, the Mail & Guardian and artslink.co.za and was formerly the arts editor of the SA Jewish Report, a weekly newspaper with which I was associated for 16 years.
Robyn Sassen


RAPPING with the cool kids: (From left) Sibusisu Mkhize, Quinton Manning, Lesego Chabedi and Nyeleti Ndubane. Photograph courtesy Tiny the Tokoloshe.

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SAY THE WORD ‘tokoloshe’ and you will have people quivering in their boots for generations. But relieve that scary sprite of his evil associations and you open a rich vein of narrative possibilities that teases open everything from fake news to bullying, fah-fee rhetoric to face time with the folks in another planet. This is what the team behind Tiny the Tokoloshe, a brand new South African play for children, has achieved.

Tiny (Quinton Manning) is a very large tokoloshe, you see, and it is his mission to dispossess folks of their fear of him and his kind. It’s important that the children in the world learn to understand that the tokoloshe’s job is to weave dreams rather than to star in them, to bring good thoughts rather than horrible ones. Only the tokoloshe in question is a bit of a clumsy bloke, who breaks important…

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