VACANCY: Repetiteur at Gauteng Opera


Gauteng OperaGauteng Opera is looking for a full-time repetiteur to work on a regular basis with their opera singers. Candidates must have prior experience with accompanying singers, opera repertoire and coaching.

The successful candidate will have to be able to:

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  • Be a skilled musician who has strong sight-reading and score reading skills and following the directions of a conductor.
  • Must possess an advanced level of piano playing, capable of realising operatic vocal scores in an intelligent and musical manner.
  • Working knowledge of the languages most frequently encountered in the operatic repertoire (German, Italian, French, English).
  • Experience in accompanying singers, in playing for other opera productions, and in following a conductor.
  • To possess musical versatility and knowledge of popular classic pop repertoire.
  • Good inter-personal skills, particularly an ability to work well with singers, to encourage them to give of their best.
  • To be able to work as part of a team as well as take initiative where appropriate.
  • To provide the highest possible standard of musical preparation of the operas, concerts and other performances produced by Gauteng Opera.
  • To work with singers as directed by the AD in one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • To play for music calls, coaching sessions, production rehearsal, and any other rehearsals, which may be necessary to ensure the highest possible performance standards are achieved.
  • To take part as accompanist in concerts, recitals and sponsorship events, as directed by the Artistic Director.

Candidates with the above requirements should forward their CVs to Bongani Nomcweya at: He can be contacted on 011 026 8118 / 011 067 8003 (direct)

Last day of submission: 31 January 2017.

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